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Diecast 5000

Universal diecast aluminum enclosures 

  • Versatile diecast boxes for electronics equipment
  • Highly durable and shock resistant design
  • RFI/EMI shielding properties 
  • Aluminum alloy ENAC 44200 
  • Lid fitted with M3 machine screws
  • Temperature resistance up to 260°C (without sealing)
  • Stand-offs and vertical guides in base for locating PCBs and electronic assemblies
  • Optional IP 65 (NEMA 4) sealing gasket
  • Available in natural finish, or painted white or black.

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Application fields

Remote indoor or outdoor electronic devices, terminal boxes, detectors, cable nodes, RF or wireless equipment, control boxes, instrumentation, test equipment
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Diecast Enclosure

Universal diecast boxes for electronics

5000-KIT Mounting Lugs


Mounting Lugs External mounting lugs kit for fixing the assembled enclosure to a wall, machine or panel. Adjustable to suit mounting holes.

Supply 4 mounting lugs.



Mounting Lugs Aluminum
Natural finish
FT094-505 Sealing Gasket (NEMA 4)


Sealing Gasket (NEMA 4) Molded sealing gasket which fits between to the base and lid sections.


Sealing Gasket (NEMA 4) Rubber
IP 65