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Instrument enclosures with handle

Instrument Enclosures With Handle

Modern electronic enclosures with tilt and swivel carry handle bars

High quality portable instrument enclosures for housing today’s new generation of electronics equipment. Applications include test and measurement equipment, networking and communications, industrial computers, studio and sound systems, laboratory instruments, industrial control, medical and wellness devices, peripherals and interfaces. Enclosures can be specified with or without a tilt and swivel bail arm that can be indexed in 30° degree increments for use as a desk stand. All our enclosures are manufactured in robust and lightweight aluminum, ensuring a high quality surface finish. Many models also feature diecast components which provide functional, ergonomic and aesthetic benefits. METCASE enclosures can be supplied fully customized with all the necessary modifications required to fit the PCBs, controls, displays and connectors. 3D models are available on request. Fully bespoke enclosures can also be manufactured on demand. Contact our sales team for a quote.