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Aluminum Enclosures

aluminum enclosures

High quality modern aluminum enclosures for OEM electronics

METCASE manufactures an extensive range of high quality aluminum enclosures for a wide variety of electronics equipment and applications. Our engineers employ the latest manufacturing technology, using diecasting, extrusions and sheet aluminum to create our modern range of highly versatile enclosures. All METCASE enclosures can be easily customized with holes and features to suit your PCB assemblies and electronic components. Our aluminum enclosures range includes instrument enclosures, desktop enclosures, portable enclosures, sloping front cases, 19" rack mount cases and wall mount enclosures. Fully bespoke enclosures can also be produced from standard case parts and special fabricated components.

Aluminum Enclosures

Instrumet 19"

1Ux19"x6.49" - 1Ux19"x10.43"

Combimet 19"

1Ux19"x10.43" - 6Ux19"x14.37"

Versamet 19"

1Ux19"x6.49"- 1Ux19"x10.43"

Mettec 19"

2Ux19"x11.02" - 3Ux19"x14.96"

Unimet 19"

2Ux19"x11.02" - 3Ux19"x14.96"


7.87"x7.87"x4.01 - 15.74"x7.87"x4.01"


5.27"x5.11"x1.51" - 6.87"x9.44"x2.75"


1.96"x9.05"x7.59" - 5.90"x13.77"x10.35"


1.96"x9.05"x7.48" - 5.90"x13.77"x10.23"


1.96"x 5.11"x7.08" - 5.29"x18.66"x11.81"


9.84"x7.08"x4.56" - 15.74"x11.81"x4.56"

Diecast 5000

1.96"x1.96"x1.22" - 7.55"x4.40"x2.40"

Diecast 5500

4.52"x2.55"x2.16" - 8.74"x5.70"x3.22"

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