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Accessories for Enclosures

Enclosures accessories

Universal accessories for electronic enclosures

METCASE manufactures a useful selection of accessories which are suitable for our own range of enclosures, custom made enclosures and others brands. The accessories range includes 10.5” and 19” front panels in sizes from 1U to 6U – custom sizes can also be supplied to order. Ergonomic extruded front panel handles in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U sizes for custom 19” chassis, front panels and rack mount enclosures. A range of enclosure feet including molded ABS feet with or without tilt legs and push-in or self adhesive rubber feet. PCB mounting accessories including PCB guides – snap-in polyamide guides for fast and simple installation of multiple PCBs, and PCB screw pillar kits for attaching PCBs directly to the enclosure panels.

Accessories for Enclosures

19" Front Panels


19" Front Panel Handles


Enclosure Feet

0.5"x0.5"x0.25" - Ø0.5"x0.2"

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