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Eight New ‘No Extra Cost’ Custom Paint Colors For METCASE Enclosures

New colors for enclosures

September 2022

Metal electronic enclosures manufacturer METCASE has extended its range of ‘no extra cost’ custom paint colors and finishes.

METCASE has added eight new shades to its range of always-in-stock paints – bringing the total to 38 colors plus anodizing, passivate, pre-treatment and anti-corrosion finishes.

The new paint colors are violet blue (RAL 5000), cobalt blue (RAL 5013), pigeon blue (RAL 5014), yellow (Pantone 1235C), medium dark orange (Pantone 159C), salmon orange (Pantone 2027C), teal (Pantone 2238C) and anthracite (Pantone 432C).

METCASE can supply its 19” enclosures and desktop/portable instrument enclosures in any specified RAL or Pantone color. However, there is no extra charge if the customer chooses a color from the always-in-stock range.

METCASE has extensive in-house facilities, including a large powder paint line and a wet paint cubicle. Its team can supply enclosures and front panels in any custom color or special finish. There is usually a minimum order of 10-25 units but this does not apply to always-in-stock colors.

Finishes include tough powder polyester painting, chip-resistant wet painting, nickel-loaded RFI/EMI shielding lacquers for plastic parts, blemish-free linishing, anodizing, Iridite NCP (conductive/anti-corrosion), plus zinc and clear passivate of CR4 steel panels.

Other customization services include bespoke sizes, custom front panels, CNC machining, fixings and inserts, and photo-quality digital printing of graphics, legends and logos.

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