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Branding Your Instrument Enclosures With Custom Colors

Instrument enclosures in custom colors

Order Customized Enclosures In Low Volumes

It’s now easier than ever to specify customized electronic instrument enclosures in low volumes. So forget everything you’ve heard about bespoke housings being too costly for small batches.

You can have your cake and eat it. You can order just a handful of highly customized housings. And there are few better ways to make an enclosure truly yours than with a splash of color…

Getting Creative With Color Highlights

It doesn’t take much painting or powder coating to change the look of an enclosure like TECHNOMET. You don’t have to specify a custom color for the whole case – you’d be surprised how just a little highlight here or there can add extra flair.

Simply painting the front bezel…and/or the rear bezels…and/or the front trims can have quite an impact. Here’s an example of a sloping front TECHNOMET with custom-colored orange bezels and trims…

Technomet enclosure with orange bezel

The orange is carried through to the company name/logo on the front panel, contrasting well with the sharp black digitally printed model number, potentiometer scales and other legends.

And here’s another example (below). This time the bezels and trims are blue but the orange is retained for the logos on the front panel and main case body.

Technomet enclosure for blue bezel

And finally, this third example (below) shows an even more subtle use of colour highlighting…

Technomet enclosure with orange bezel highlight

Note how the trims are in the standard anthracite of the main case body. They cover part of the front and rear bezels – restricting the orange to just a line above and below the front and rear panels. It adds a stylish accent of color to a standard livery that’s already very elegant – like pairing a bold tie with a dark suit. (And everyone looks good in a dark suit.)

Why Custom Colors Are So Cost-Effective

Changing the color of your TECHNOMET is one of the three most effective ways of tailoring a standard enclosure to suit your product. And the other two – CNC machining and digital printing – are pretty much a given anyway. After all, you’ll need cutouts for cable glands, connectors, switches and potentiometers. And you’ll need digital printing for the logos and legends. So it makes sense to think about color as well.

That’s likely to be a very easy decision – because many custom colors cost no more than the standard light gray (RAL 7035) and anthracite (RAL 7016). That’s because we always keep all these colors in stock so there’s no extra charge when choosing one of these colours. Just pick the one(s) you like.

And even if powder coating or painting your enclosure involves two colors, there’s no extra charge (as long as they’re from the forementioned list of always-in-stock colors). So on that basis, you can have a custom-colored enclosure for the same price as a standard one. And that’s true for any METCASE instrument enclosure or 19” rack case – not just TECHNOMET.

Custom Technomet tower enclosure

Other Customization Options

Custom colors, CNC machining and digital printing are among our most popular customization options for cases and front panels. Other services include fixings/inserts and bespoke sizes. So you can specify component-ready aluminum enclosures that can go straight to your production line:

  • simplifying processes and speeding up your manufacturing times
  • enabling you to get your products to market faster
  • eliminating all the extra risk, cost and time-consuming admin involved with using multiple suppliers.

Compare all the METCASE instrument enclosure ranges to see which would be best for your application and which offer the customization options you need.


You’ll have seen from that comparison table in the above link that TECHNOMET ticks every box when it comes to customizing. It’s available in custom height, width and depth, with cutouts, digital printing and with/without ventilation.

But there are a few things that a simple comparison table can’t tell you. Such as how advanced TECHNOMET is. Or how we created a modern, cohesive design with no visible screws. Or how the construction of these aluminum instrument enclosure matches the ergonomic curves and fine tolerances of a molded plastic case. That was no easy task – especially with the sloping front version.

In its standard colors, TECHNOMET stands out as something special. An enclosure that will truly differentiate your innovative instrumentation from your competitors’ products. And if that’s what a standard TECHNOMET can do, just think what you can achieve with a customized version..

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