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Advanced Construction For Superior Ergonomics And Aesthetics

TECHNOMET is METCASE’s most progressive enclosure design – no question. As advanced as all our other instrument enclosures are, TECHNOMET is number one. Its cohesive styling – with no visible fixing screws – is the culmination of a design obsession that’s been building for years. We wanted to create a fabricated aluminum enclosure that rivalled moulded plastic housings for feel and finish.

And TECHNOMET has achieved precisely that. First as a range of desktop enclosures…then as 19” rack mount enclosures…and now as 10.5” enclosures. Each enclosure has diecast aluminum bezels that fit flush with the fabricated aluminum case body to offer superior quality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Yes, INSTRUMET too has diecast front and rear bezels – as befits a premium aluminum electronics enclosure. And this helps to explain INSTRUMET’s enduring popularity over the years but TECHNOMET takes quality to the next level.

Size, Ventilation, Portability

TECHNOMET 10.5” offers the greater choice of heights: 3U and 4U, compared with INSTRUMET 10.5” which is available only in 3U. TECHNOMET 10.5” is also available in custom heights (5U and 6U). INSTRUMET is slightly deeper at 350 mm (TECHNOMET 10.5” is 330 mm deep). Despite the different external depths, the internal useable depth of both models is almost the same. Both models can be specified in custom depths.

Both also have ventilation holes in the base and rear as standard. And both can be supplied customised with more (or less) ventilation if required. Bail arms are available for the two models. In each case, this arm doubles as a desk stand. It can be adjusted in indexed increments to provide the perfect angle for viewing and operation. TECHNOMET 10.5” and INSTRUMET 10.5” enclosures supplied without this arm are fitted with ABS side handles for easy portability.

Fixings And Inserts

All TECHNOMET and INSTRUMET enclosures are fitted with earthing pillars on every panel. The enclosures can also be specified with custom fixings and inserts – typically with M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5 or M6 threads (unified fastenings are also available). Options include self-clinch nuts, studs, blind standoffs, through standoffs, PCB clip-on standoffs, 90° panel nuts and cable tie mounts.