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Customizing COMBIMET 19” Rack Cases

It’s very easy to specify COMBIMET in the exact size that you require, along with all the CNC machining, fixings/inserts, printing and finishing that you need. You’ll receive fully finished enclosures that are ready for your components – they can go from ‘goods in’ straight to your production lines.

Our website makes ordering easy. You simply click to add our enclosure customizing services to your list as if they were products. That includes custom front panels, CNC machining, fixings and inserts, painting and finishing, custom colours and digital printing of logos/legends.

Each aperture shape, each fixing type and each custom color has its own code. Just click to add it to the list/basket. It’s a simple process that helps you tell us what you need quickly and easily – saving you time.

Some customization processes come at no extra cost – such as our ‘always in stock’ custom colours. Just choose the one you want and it’ll cost the same as a standard color.

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All COMBIMET 19” enclosures – whether standard or customised – are supplied fully assembled. Need more information? Contact METCASE.