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2. Enclosure Feet Stand Up And Be Counted

They’re one of our most popular accessories. Never out of fashion. Always in demand. Enclosure feet are one of the unsung heroes of the METCASE range. These tiny folding tilt-legs can transform the ergonomics of a desktop enclosure at a stroke.

And they’re so easy to fit. All it takes is three holes for each foot – two for the location pillars and one for the self-tapping screw. (Specify them as a custom option and we’ll drill and fit them for you). Enclosure feet are great for all our METCASE enclosures – but did you know they can fit a wide range of other brands of cases too?

Update: We’ve since added new products to our range of enclosure feet. In addition to the case feet mentioned in the post, round TECHNOFEET are now available – either with or without a tilt option. View our full range of enclosure feet here.