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January 2019: TECHNOMET Sloping Front

Just under two years on from the initial launch of TECHNOMET, and there was still something missing from the range – a sloping front version. That omission would soon be rectified with the launch of TECHNOMET SL.

This was one of the more difficult versions of TECHNOMET to design because of the need to angle the front while still maintaining the flush-fit aesthetics. But it was well worth all the extra design time invested. The SL version offers an 18° inclined front panel to give instrument operators a more comfortable viewing angle.

TECHNOMET SL is available in three standard sizes: 3.93" x 8.85" x 9.05", 4.92" x 10.82" x 11.22" and 5.90" x 13.77" x 12.59" (which features side grip handles as standard). Custom sizes are available on request. Find out more here.