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M0000502 Pretreatment




We put all aluminum and mild steel (CR4) components through a pretreatment process prior to painting. The pretreatment removes oils, greases and other agents used during manufacturing, and converts the metal surface to a non-metallic layer. This significantly improves the application, adhesion and surface finish of the paint.

Notes. Unfinished internal parts of our enclosures also go through this process. The process gives the material a brown/gold surface coloration which is normal. Panels which are going to be anodized do not go through this process.

The Pretreatment Process Sequence:

  • Tank 1 - Gardoclean® alkali cleaner + Gardobond® A 4913 lightweight amorphous iron phosphate pretreatment
  • Tank 2 - Water rinse
  • Tank 3 - Gardolene® D6870 Chromium-free post pretreatment rinse
  • Drying oven - 150°C, 15 minutes
  • Ready for painting

Gardoclean®, Gardobond® and Gardolene® are registered trademarks of Chemetall GmbH.

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