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METCASE 19” Enclosures Meet The Latest DIN 41494, IEC 60297-3 Standard

19” Enclosures To DIN 41494, IEC 60297-3 Standard

March 2022

All METCASE 19” standard and customized enclosures now conform to the latest DIN 41494, IEC 60297-3 standard for the mechanical structure of electronics equipment.

Level 1 of the standard covers the dimensions of Eurocard modules. Level 2 sets out the width in HP (1 HP = 5.08 mm) and height in U (1U = 44.45 mm, 1.75”) of 19” rack cases and subracks. These will be mounted in a Level 3 19” rack/cabinet or mini-rack (such as METCASE’s TECHNOMET 19”).

The standard also governs front panel dimensions and clearances, the width of racks required for mounting 19” cases, and the position of mounting apertures. Equipment must be fitted into the racks’ M6 caged nuts using screws and washers (as supplied in METCASE 19” mounting kits).

METCASE manufactures a wide range of 19” rack cases, 19” mini-racks, sloping front and portable desktop enclosures for modern OEM electronics equipment. Its four 19” rack case models – VERSAMET (1U), UNIMET (2U, 3U), METTEC (1U, 2U, 3U) and COMBIMET (1U to 6U) – are available in a range of depths as standard. They can also be specified in custom widths and depths. COMBIMET is available in custom heights and also as open-top trays for maximum ventilation.

METCASE manufactures a further nine instrument enclosure models, five of which are available as standard with a bail arm that doubles as a desk stand. The flagship TECHNOMET range is a major step forward in enclosure design. Its diecast front and rear bezels fit flush with the case body – creating a modern, cohesive design with no visible fixing screws.

Accessories for METCASE 19” enclosures include standard front panels (1U to 6U), cantilever rack shelves (2U) and mounting hardware for fitting the equipment in the racks.

Enclosures can be specified fully customized. Services include bespoke sizes, custom front panels, CNC machining, fixings and inserts, painting/finishing and photo-quality digital printing of graphics, legends and logos.

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