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New Fast-Assembly UNICASE Instrument Enclosures

New Fast-Assembly UNICASE Instrument Enclosures

September 2020

New improved UNICASE aluminum instrument enclosures from METCASE are now even quicker to assemble – thanks to redesigned chassis profiles and a new assembly tool (available as an accessory).

These popular universal enclosures suit a wide range of applications including measuring and control, feedback control, peripheral devices and interfaces, switchboxes, modems, medical and laboratory technology.

UNICASE’s new extruded chassis profiles hold the blue slide-in threaded nut holders in perfect vertical alignment – making it easier to locate top and base cover screws.

The new assembly tool pushes the blue threaded nut holders into exactly the right horizonal position in the profiles. This aligns them perfectly with the top and base cover assembly screws every time. There are four screws on each side so the improvements speed up assembly times considerably. The new assembly tool (Part No. M5500001) is ergonomically contoured so it is comfortable to hold. It is 3D printed from white PA 2200 (polyamide).

UNICASE offers easy access to PCBs and components thanks to its smart, simple construction. The wraparound U-shaped top and base covers – and the front and rear panels – can all be removed very quickly. PCBs slide in and out of guide rails in the chassis profiles. The front panel is recessed to protect controls. Supply includes the front and rear panels and four push-in non-slip rubber feet.

The enclosures are available in 10 standard sizes (5.11” x 7.08” x 1.97” to 18.66” x 11.81” x 5.29”) and two standard colors: light gray (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005). Prices start at $66. Accessories include the new assembly tool and alternative cover/panel fixings screws (M3, PZ1, zinc coated, 6mm).

METCASE can supply UNICASE enclosures fully customized. Services include custom sizes; custom front panels; CNC punching, folding, milling, drilling and tapping; fixings and inserts; painting and finishing; digital printing of legends and logos.

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