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New bespoke aluminium enclosures service

Customized Enclosures

August 2015

Enclosures made to exact customer specifications

World-class enclosures manufacturer METCASE has broadened its custom offering with fully bespoke aluminum electronics cases.

Fully bespoke enclosures can be created using METCASE’s standard case components such as diecastings and extrusion profiles or from fully fabricated sheet metal components.

As well as complete enclosures, METCASE can manufacture complex bespoke mounting plates, chassis and front panel assemblies.

METCASE engineers can manufacture enclosures to customers’ designs or provide bespoke solutions from their detailed specifications.

The company is already receiving increasing numbers of enquiries about customization services. Enclosures can be supplied fully finished ready for the installation of components.

3D modelling is now available on all standard METCASE aluminium cases, instrument housings and 19 inch rack mount enclosures.

Customers can request 3D drawings as STEP, SAT or X_T files so they can specify customized front panels and internal components quickly and more easily.

3D modelling cuts costs, saves time and enables customers to see how their electronics will look in their finished enclosure.

Customization options include CNC milling, drilling, punching and folding; internal mounting plates and brackets.

METCASE’s new digital printer can print photo quality graphics, legends and logos on to either front panels or complete enclosures. Different surface textures are no problem and – unlike traditional printing methods – there are no expensive set-up costs.

Other services also include customised aluminum front panels for mounting controls, displays, plugs and switches; powder finishing, wet painting and anodizing.

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