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Compare our 19" rack mount enclosures

Blog - July 2016

Compare Standard Features:

Range Heights Depths mm Ventilated Removable Panels Price*
Combimet 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U 10.43", 14.37", 24" top, base
(or open top)
top, base, rear $116
Mettec 1U, 2U, 3U 6.57", 10.51", 14.44" non-vented front panel (even when in rack) $115
Unimet 2U, 3U 11.02", 14.96" non-vented front panel (even when in rack), rear $155
Versamet 1U 6.49", 10.43" non-vented base, rear $99

Price* - Starting price (Valid August 2016 only, call us for an updated price).

Compare Customizing Options:

RangeCustom HeightCustom DepthCustom WidthVentilationHoles/CutoutsDigital Printing
Combimet Yes Yes Yes Standard Yes Yes
Mettec No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unimet No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Versamet No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

COMBIMET is our newest range of rack mount enclosures. It offers you the best choice of ventilation options. Specify Combimet with any combination of vented/unvented top and vented/unvented base as standard. Or choose the open top version – also available as standard. View the COMBIMET range and watch the two videos

METTEC offers easy maintenance because you can remove the front panel – even when the case is mounted in a rack. Watch the video on the METTEC page to see how easily you can remove the rear panel and slide out the PCB.

UNIMET also features a removable front panel (again, even when the case is already rack mounted) but – unlike METTEC – the PCB is pillar mounted directly on the base. The top and sides are a single piece U-section. Watch the video on the UNIMET page to see an exploded view.

VERSAMET has no visible assembly screws on the front. Access is by removing first the rear panel then the base – revealing the hidden fixing screws that hold the front panel in place. Watch the video on the VERSAMET page to see an exploded view.

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