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Specifying 19" enclosures


Aluminum enclosures for 19” rack electronics may look similar but their technical benefits can differ significantly. Specify too hastily and you could squander opportunities to enhance product quality, save budget and reduce maintenance time.

Standard 19” rack cases that can be easily customized are an excellent starting point for applications such as networking, communications, industrial control technology, sound and studio systems, and lab instrumentation. Standard rack cases are more cost-effective than bespoke housings.

But you risk limiting your design options if you specify the wrong standard case. User access is crucial in determining which model you’ll need. Ask yourself: “How will the users access the PCBs and other components when the case is in the rack?”

This is vital because it will help you to decide whether or not your rack case will need bezels – and thus ultimately determine:

  • how easily a rack case can be manufactured in custom sizes
  • the enclosure’s aesthetics
  • how easily color highlights can be added for branding.

Specify a rack case with a front bezel and you can easily remove the front plate. This enables you to access the electronics without having to pull the entire unit from the rack. Bezels also look more elegant. However, there are trade-offs: rack cases with bezels generally cost more – and they can limit your choice of custom sizes.

Instead, consider a 19” rack case that has no bezels. Specify one with a flat front panel that extends beyond the sides – one that is punched with standard obround holes for rack mounting. These enable easy adjustment when you’re installing the case in a rack.

COMBIMET 19" Enclosures


Our bestselling COMBIMET 19” range is a prime example of a rack case that has eschewed bezels but retained its elegance. Form follows function with sophisticated understatement. Not only is COMBIMET our most versatile and customizable rack case, it also happens to be our most cost-effective – so you get the best of all worlds. And unlike our rack cases with bezels, COMBIMET can be specified in custom heights, widths and depths.

Distinctive front handles make it easy to pull COMBIMET from a rack for inspection and maintenance. The front, rear, top and base panels are easy to remove. All cases (1U to 6U or custom heights) can be specified with vented or unvented top and base panels. And for electrical continuity, there is an earth stud on every panel – making electrical certification of the equipment easier.

We’ve expanded the COMBIMET range significantly over the years, thanks to our customers’ requests for bespoke sizes and versions. That’s because some of those custom sizes and variants became standard options as demand for them grew! So you can now specify standard versions with U-shaped wraparound tops that offer faster access to the electronics, Super-deep 24” (610 mm) cases for server racks, and Open Top versions for easy access and maximum ventilation.

COMBIMET 19" Enclosures

METCASE’s fully customized COMBIMET 19” rack case for German customer Commeo

German company Commeo specified customized COMBIMET rack cases for its energy storage units. Commeo retained the standard black (RAL 9005) finish, one of two off-the-shelf color options for COMBIMET (the other is light gray RAL 7035). Then we simply machined apertures for interfaces, controls and LEDs, and printed the logo and legends.


TECHNOMET 10.5" and 19" Enclosures


Not all 19” rack cases will be housed in large cabinets. Many users install them in desktop and portable mini-racks. And again, taking time to specify one with the right technical features pays dividends – especially when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your finished product.

TECHNOMET 19” represents the new generation of rack mount enclosures. Its design stemmed from our desire to create an advanced aluminum mini-rack with the same fine engineering tolerances as a molded plastic housing.

So TECHNOMET 19” features cohesive design with diecast bezels that flush-fit into the main case body, creating a smooth appearance. Snap-on diecast trims conceal the fixing screws. The housings are also available in bespoke heights and depths.

These rack mount enclosures for 84HP subracks, chassis and front panels have recessed ABS handles for ease of portability. There is also a 10.5” (42HP) version with side handles or a bail arm that doubles as a desk stand.


customised 19 inch enclosures


Specifying all these 19” cases and rack mount enclosures is now easier than ever. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the standard enclosures are virtually the finished item from the start (and they usually arrive fully assembled).

Secondly, CNC machining of apertures for controls and interfaces is now faster than ever thanks to our investment in new technology. And photo-quality digital printing of legends, logos and graphics requires much less set-up time than traditional methods – making it viable for low-volume orders. You can also specify a host of custom finishes including anodizing, protective coatings, passivates, custom powder coating and paint colors.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to customization. You’d be surprised how little work may be needed to transform a standard enclosure into one that’s unique to your product. Subtle color highlights on bezels or trims – along with some photo-quality digital printing – may be all that’s required to add smart corporate branding.

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Need more information? Contact our engineers now for expert advice on the best ways to specify standard and customised 19” rack cases and mini-racks for your electronics.