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Precision is everything in electronic instrumentation – and that should be reflected in the enclosure as well. The external appearance of the housing should showcase the high quality of the cutting-edge technology inside.

TECHNOMET is a major step forward in the design instrument enclosures. Not just because of the superior technical features that offer electronics designers more options, but also because it is engineered to finer tolerances. The enclosure has a cohesive design with no visible fixing screws. Snap-on trims sit in diecast aluminum bezels that fit flush with the main case body. The result is an exactitude more commonly found in molded plastic housings.

Significantly, TECHNOMET’s bezels are designed in such a way that they do not impede customization. This enables us to offer to TECHNOMET in custom heights, widths and depths. The enclosures can be manufactured in low volumes – an important consideration for instrumentation destined for niche applications.

TECHNOMET’s internal chassis is pre-punched for fitting snap-in PCB guides in three, five, seven or nine positions. The base panel is pre-fitted with four M3 PCB mounting pillars, and the rear panel is recessed to protect connectors and switches. It is removable for fast, easy access to the electronics. Both the base and rear panel are ventilated. All panels have M4 threaded pillars for earth connections.

The enclosures are available in 11 sizes from 8.86″ x 7.87″ x 2.95″ to 13.78″ x 12.60″ x 5.91″. Most sizes are available with or without ABS side handles or a bail arm. Three sizes can be specified with a sloping front.