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Customizing COMBIMET is extremely easy because most of the time it involves just machining and printing the flat front and rear panels. Adding extra ventilation is another popular option – and again, this is very straightforward.

COMBIMET comes with M4 earth studs on every panel as standard but the cases can also be supplied with other fixings and inserts as a custom order. These include:

  • metric fasteners, typically with M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5 and M6 threads
  • unified fasteners, which are available on request
  • self-clinch nuts, studs, blind standoffs, through standoffs
  • PCB clip-on standoffs, 90-degree panel nuts, cable tie mounts
  • earth studs for aluminium panels and earth tags for steel panels
  • concealed-head threaded studs to avoid any witness on the external surface of the panel.

As an alternative to inserts, we can also create a burst hole in the sheet material and tap the required thread.

COMBIMET is available in a wide range of custom colors – many of which we keep in stock to minimize costs and shorten delivery times. We generally work with RAL and Pantone codes but can also match other colors on demand.

Meanwhile, digital printing has opened up a world of possibilities, making it easier to print photo-quality images and graphics on enclosures. This technology has much lower set-up costs than traditional screen printing, making it available in much lower volumes.

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