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Specifying the right desktop enclosures for your electronics can often be a difficult balancing act because there may not be much room for compromize. They must be elegant, robust and ergonomic: they must tick all of these boxes – two out of three is not enough.

And that can sometimes present a challenge. Applications such as office systems or point-of-sale may slightly favour aesthetics over robustness – whereas the opposite may be true for security and industrial machine control. But in either case, good ergonomics will always be vital.

Sloping front enclosures must present displays and controls at a comfortable angle for viewing and operation but there are other factors to consider:

  • What sizes are available as standard?
  • Can the enclosures be easily modified to create a custom size?
  • How will the PCBs and other components be mounted?
  • Are there recesses for a membrane keypad (front) and interfaces (rear)?
  • What level of ingress protection is required?
  • Do the enclosures offer wall mounting as an option?
  • Can the enclosures be custom finished quickly and easily so they can go directly to a production line for installation of components?


TECHNOMET is METCASE’s flagship desktop enclosure. It has taken the genre to the next level by offering a modern and cohesive design with diecast bezels that flush-fit into the fabricated aluminum case body. The aim was to create a metal enclosure engineered to the fine tolerances typically found on plastic enclosures. TECHNOMET SL is the sloping front version.

UNIDESK is a sloping front terminal enclosure with a tried and trusted design that has proved to be extremely popular over the years – especially for applications involving health and social care. UNIDESK is smart, tough and highly versatile.


Creating a sloping front version of TECHNOMET – one that would maintain the flush-fit aesthetics of the range – was not an easy task due to the angles involved. Despite this, TECHNOMET SL sloping front enclosures are offered in three sizes: 8.85" x 9.05" x 3.93", 10.82" x 11.22" x 4.92" and 13.77" x 12.59" x 5.90".

That is comparable with UNIDESK which is also offered in three sizes: 7.87" x 7.87" x 4.01", 11.81" x 7.87" x 4.01" and 15.74" x 7.87" x 4.01". But you’ll notice that only one dimension changes – the width. So when it comes to bespoke sizes, UNIDESK can be specified only in custom widths…whereas TECHNOMET SL can be specified in custom lengths, widths and depths thanks to the design of its bezels.