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Why Specify A Bespoke Aluminum Electronic Enclosure?

METCASE standard enclosures are designed not to look ‘standard’: every housing should be easily customizable so it differentiates your product from those of your competitors. And the more standard models we offer:

  • the more likely you are to find an off-the-shelf enclosure that matches your requirements
  • the less customization work is needed
  • the easier it is to differentiate your product.

All of which saves you time and money – and it means you can get your completed PCB-ready enclosure more quickly.

But sometimes only a fully bespoke enclosure will do. Whether it’s because you need an enclosure to fulfil specific technical requirements. Or because you want a housing that’s even more distinctive than a customized solution. Or because the case you need is so simple that it’s even more cost-effective than a customized standard housing…