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August 2020

METCASE TECHNOMET 19” desktop mini-racks are now available in custom heights and depths to suit the customer’s rack mounted equipment.

These advanced mini-racks are designed for mounting standard 19” subracks, chassis and front panels. Applications include test and measurement, networking, communications, sound and studio systems, laboratory instruments, industrial computers and control systems.

Elegant TECHNOMET 19” is normally available in four standard sizes: 3U, 4U, 5U and 6U. But METCASE can now manufacture the mini-racks in custom heights and depths (based on the standard 21.22” width).

Recent orders have included TECHNOMET 19” in a height of 16U. METCASE added additional aluminum strengthening brackets due to the significant extra height of these units. The rack mounting brackets were manufactured from steel rather than the standard aluminum to enhance the rigidity still further. It is a testament to the versatility of the design that a unit over 2.5 times the height of the largest standard size could be easily produced.
The basic design of the TECHNOMET 19” enclosures consists of two diecast aluminum front and rear bezels, the case body with internal chassis and a removable rear panel. Four snap-on cover trims create a flush-fitting cohesive design with no visible fixing screws.

The front and rear bezels include standard 19” panel mounts with caged nut apertures for fixing the equipment (from either side).

Ventilation slots in the rear and base panels aid cooling. Inside there are two subrack/chassis support rails; more can be added for larger versions. All panels have M4 threaded pillars for earthing. Recessed ABS side handles aid portability. Molded ABS non-slip feet are supplied as standard.

TECHNOMET 19” is available in anthracite (RAL 7016) or light gray (RAL 7035) as standard. Custom colors are also available. Prices start at $271.

Accessories include vented or unvented front panels and 19” mounting kits.

METCASE can supply TECHNOMET 19” enclosures fully customized. Services include: custom front panels; CNC punching, folding, milling, drilling and tapping; fixings and inserts; painting and finishing; digital printing of legends and logos.