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1. PCB Mounts – What’s Best For My Electronics?

How you mount your circuit boards can make a big difference to the kind of enclosure you need. And that in turn will have a significant impact on the component layout of your PCBs. So – given these two important factors – the humble PCB mounting deserves much more consideration than it’s generally given.

Admit it – PCB mounts were not at the top of your do list today were they? But they are now. Or at least they should be – because they can have quite a knock-on effect on your enclosure, the first thing your customers will see and touch when they encounter your product. PCB mountings fall into various types. Each has its pros and cons…

Note: Since this blog post was first published, we’ve updated the design of our UNIMET-PLUS (and UNIMET) desktop/portable enclosures to make them more customizable. Thanks to a new bezel design, they can now be specified in custom heights as well as bespoke widths and depths. UNIMET now also has earthing connections on every panel.