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Why the bar is even higher for instrument enclosures?

Aesthetics are even more important for instrument enclosures for a whole load of reasons.

Users will be staring straight at them for extended periods of time as they read the data displayed. They’ll be picking them up so the handle must be supremely comfortable. Unlike rack mounted cases, which tend to hang out in herds, instrument enclosures are solitary creatures that sit alone on a desktop or laboratory bench. They are the focus of all the attention.

So they have to look great – they’re getting judged every time they’re used.

That’s why we spent years doing what no other manufacturer had done before. We created the new TECHNOMET series, a range of metal instrument housings engineered to fine tolerances normally associated only with plastic enclosures. Flush fit diecast aluminum bezels at the front and rear give these enclosures a smooth appearance. Snap on aluminium trims hide all the fixings. The tilt/swivel handle doubles as an adjustable desk stand. Never forget – the old adage that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t stop people from doing precisely that.

So let’s make the ‘cover’ for your ‘book’ irresistible.