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Unimet-Plus enclosures with internal PCB chassis.

How do you make great instrument enclosures even better? Simple – add an internal chassis. Okay, there’s a little more to it than that but essentially that’s what we did with UNIMET portable desktop enclosures to create UNIMET-PLUS.

It means you can fit multiple PCBs, enabling you to make better use of space so you can specify smaller, more cost effective sizes. You can slide the PCBs into place on clip-in polyamide guide rails, speeding up installation times. Each case comes with four rails as standard and more can be ordered as accessories.

To see the rails in action, watch the video on the UNIMET-PLUS product page. See how easily these tough aluminum cases can be disassembled and reassembled for maintenance and servicing.

Note the bail arm – indexed at 30° increments so it doubles as an adjustable desk-stand – and also the optional tilt feet (one of our most popular accessories). Choose from six sizes of UNIMET-PLUS, ranging from 1.96" x 9.05" x 7.59" to 5.90" x 13.77" x 10.35". All have recessed rear panels to protect switches and connectors. The smallest case is big enough for two PCBs while the other five can each accommodate four circuit boards. Extra guide rail positions can be punched into the cases on demand.

Other accessories include front panel kits. You can also specify customized CNC milling and drilling; punching and folding; printed or engraved logos and legends; custom sizes. Services also include assembly of components.

UNIMET-PLUS is finished in Light Gray (RAL 7035) powder epoxy polyester paint as standard. The front and rear bezels are Window Gray (RAL 7040). Custom colors are also available.

Applications for UNIMET-PLUS include laboratory instruments, medical electronics, test and measurement equipment, industrial control systems and communications.

For the full specifications, please see the UNIMET-PLUS product page. You can download pdfs and dwg CAD files and also request 3D models as STEP, SAT or X_T files.

For more information, phone or email the METCASE sales team.