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Combimet 19" rack cases now in standard 4U and 6U sizes

Our METCASE metal enclosures division has noticed an unusual spike in demand. And it’s centered on COMBIMET rack cases again. We’ve just started manufacturing COMBIMET in 4U and 6U as standard after a recent spike in custom enquiries.

But we stopped short of making 5U a standard choice for COMBIMET because it’s an unusual size that was traditionally less in demand.

Until now.

Suddenly, out of the blue, we’ve started getting lots more custom orders for 5U COMBIMET 19” enclosures. It is as if making 4U and 6U standard (instead of custom) sizes has created a halo effect. The timing is eerie.

So could 5U become the next standard size for COMBIMET? That depends on you the customer – tell us what you want. We’re quick to respond.

Want to know more about COMBIMET? Simple – watch the 2 minute 16 second video on the product page. You’ll get exploded views of all the technical features that make COMBIMET the most popular model in our range of 19” rack mount enclosures.

For more details about COMBIMET and all the other METCASE aluminum rack cases and enclosures, contact our sales department.