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Universal ABS case feet for all types of enclosures

METCASE universal ABS enclosure feet are so popular that increasing numbers of our aluminum housings are now pre-drilled ready to accept them. These popular case feet are always in demand because they’re such an effective design and so easy to fit.

There are two versions:

  • Version 1 – x4 feet (each featuring a foot, rubber insert and self-tapping screw)
  • Version 2 – x4 feet (each featuring a foot, rubber insert, self-tapping screw but with the addition of two tilt legs). They come in three colors: Off White (RAL 9002), Light Gray (RAL 7035) and Black (RAL 9005).

Ranges of desktop and rack cases pre-drilled for them as standard include:

  • UNIMET – modern desktop instrument enclosures with an optional bail arm/carry handle
  • UNIMET-PLUS – all the great features of UNIMET but with a redesigned chassis capable of handling four slide-in PCBs
  • UNIMET 19” rack mount enclosures – 2U and 3U racks in two standard depths with comfort handles for easy installation and removal
  • VERSAMET – modern 19”rack mount enclosures for networking, communications, industrial computing and control, laboratory and studio systems.

And we’ve gone one better with our INSTRUMET range – it comes pre-fitted with enclosure feet.

INSTRUMET is a stylish range of 10.5” and 19” 3U rack mounted cases. Features include tilt-swivel handles which can be used for carrying or for inclining the housings during desktop use.

But there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have these popular enclosure feet on other METCASE ranges. Simply specify them as a custom feature and we’ll drill and fit them for you. It’s easy. You can also download 3D drawings from our website and add the holes to help shorten project times.

And the feet don’t just fit METCASE enclosures – they’re suitable for a whole host of other case brands too.