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November 2023

Widest Ever Choice Of METCASE COMBIMET 19" Rack Cases

COMBIMET is now METCASE’s largest and most popular range of 19" rack cases with original, open-top, smooth/solid-top and super-deep versions.

Bestselling COMBIMET is METCASE’s most advanced and most cost-effective 19" enclosure. Applications include networking, communications, sound/studio systems, laboratory instruments and industrial computers/control technology.


September 2023

METCASE TECHNOMET 19” Mini-Rack Enclosures Now Available Fully Customized

METCASE’s premium TECHNOMET 19" table-top mini-rack enclosures can now be specified fully customized, ready for the installation of PCBs and other components.

These elegant aluminium enclosures are perfect for 19" (84HP) subrack or chassis-based electronics such as test and measurement equipment, networking and communications devices, industrial control technology, laboratory instruments and sound/studio systems.


January 2023

New Anodized-Look Custom Paint For METCASE Enclosures

METCASE aluminum electronic enclosures are now available in an elegant new anodized-style powder coating that provides a cost-effective alternative to electrochemical finishing.

This smart new custom paint finish gives enclosures an anodized look at a price that is viable for low-volume orders.