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Press Releases 2017 - 2018

METCASE launches new 19” rack enclosures
September 2018

METCASE has created a new 19” mini-rack version of its advanced TECHNOMET table-top instrument enclosures. The new TECHNOMET cases are designed for mounting standard 19” subracks, chassis and front panels.

Custom-width UNIDESK sloping front enclosures
June 2018

METCASE can supply its modern and robust UNIDESK aluminum sloping front enclosures in custom widths to suit customer requirements.

New 24” extra-deep 19” rack cases from METCASE
December 2017

METCASE has launched a new extra-deep 24” version of its bestselling COMBIMET 19” enclosures which are perfect for server rack type applications.

Advanced new instrument enclosures now with bail arms
September 2017

METCASE’s advanced new TECHNOMET instrument enclosures can now be ordered with a bail arm for portable electronics applications.

Bestselling 19” rack mount cases now in 5U as standard
August 217

METCASE’s COMBIMET 19” rack mount enclosures are available in all sizes from 1U to 6U — now including 5U as standard.

TECHNOMET - All new advanced instrument enclosures
April 2017

METCASE has launched new advanced TECHNOMET, a huge step forward in the design of standard desktop and portable instrument enclosures...