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Blogs 2018 to 2019

Use Space More Effectively With A Tower Enclosure
November 2018

What if you need a desktop enclosure for your electronics…but your desk isn’t big enough? Make better use of your enclosure’s footprint by opting for a custom TECHNOMET tower enclosure that gives you more capacity but takes up less desk space.

Why TECHNOMET 19” rack enclosures are so advanced
October 2018

Now it is possible to specify 19” rack enclosures manufactured to finer tolerances for superior technical performance and aesthetics. TECHNOMET 19" is a major leap forward in desktop mini-rack enclosures for 19” subrack or chassis-based equipment for test and measurement, networking, communications, AV studio systems and laboratory instrumentation.

How to rack mount desktop enclosures the smart way
July 2018

METCASE has developed it's made-to-measure MULTIMET desktop cases which have a matching rack tray that allows the cases to be located in a 19" cabinet. It is an elegantly simple solution. The tray bolts into the rack as if it were a set of rack ears.

Specifying ventilation for metal electronic enclosures
May 2018

You can order your METCASE metal enclosure with ventilation slots as standard, or in custom formats for fitting fans etc.

New Extra Deep 19” Rack Mount Enclosures
April 2018

We’ve just launched a new 24” (610 mm) extra deep version for server racks after a custom specification in the USA proved to be highly popular. New COMBIMET 24” offers much more space compared with the existing 10.4" and 14.3" depths.