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Blogs 2014 to 2015

Specify metal electronic enclosures faster with the new METCASE website
September 2015

Welcome to the brand new METCASE USA website – built on a powerful new database to help you find the aluminum electronic enclosures you need faster and more easily.

COMBIMET goes topless: New version T open rack mount enclosures
July 2015

COMBIMET’s choice of ventilation options is just one reason they’re METCASE’s best-selling aluminum rack mount enclosures. Now that choice just got better with the launch of new Version T open models. They offer maximum ventilation and full access to components – and at an even better price.

New lower cost unsealed UNIDESK desktop enclosures
April 2015

METCASE’s UNIDESK sloping front terminal enclosures can now be specified without their standard NEMA 3/IP 54 sealing – enabling you to reduce project costs without having to compromise on strength.

New digital printing service for front panels and enclosures
October 2014

New digital printing technology now available at METCASE opens up a wealth of opportunities for electronic design engineers.

Tough NEMA 4 diecast enclosures for outdoor electronics
September 2014

METCASE’s Series 5000 and 5500 boxes are cast from aluminum so they’re tough enough to cope with the great outdoors – and demanding industrial applications indoors.

UNIMET-PLUS instrument enclosures for multiple PCBs
July 2014

Unimet-Plus instrument enclosures are designed for mounting multiple PCBs on the internal chassis, which features clip in card guides.

Wall mounting desktop enclosures for industrial electronics
June 2014

METCASE’s best known desktop enclosure range UNIDESK is increasingly being used for wall mounted applications.

Handle kits now available as accessories
June 2014

METCASE 19” front panel handles are available in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U standard sizes. Choose from Light Gray (RAL 7035) or Black (RAL 9005). Custom colors are also available.

3D models for Unicase instrument enclosures
May 2014

We’ve added 3D modeling to the METCASE UNICASE web page to make these smart instrument enclosures even quicker and easier to customize.

Rising demand for 19” rack mount enclosures – even 5U!
March 2014

We’ve just started manufacturing COMBIMET in 4U and 6U as standard after a recent spike in custom enquiries. But we stopped short of making 5U a standard choice for COMBIMET because it’s an unusual size that was traditionally less in demand.

#1 for 1U – VERSAMET 19” rack cases
January 2014

Buy anything with great features and you’d usually expect to pay more – but METCASE’S VERSAMET 19” rack cases cost less.