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New Products and Services

New sloping front TECHNOMET SL enclosures
December 2018

Our advanced TECHNOMET desktop enclosures range keeps growing!

The new TECHNOMET SL models have a sloping front bezel set at 18 degrees for a perfect viewing angle of the displays and controls mounted on the front panel.

The new versions are available in three standard sizes in light gray or anthracite:

  • 3.94" x 8.85" x 8.85"
  • 4.92" x 10.82" x 11.22"
  • 5.90" x 13.78" x 12.59"

Custom sizes and colors can be made to order.

New table-top TECHNOMET 19" mini-rack enclosures
August 2018

Our advanced TECHNOMET enclosures series is now available as 19" mini-rack enclosures for table-top applications. These elegant and ultra-modern enclosures are designed for mounting standard 19" subracks, chassis and front panels.

  • 3U, 4U and 6U heights
  • 15.74" deep
COMBIMET 19" rack cases 24" deep for server racks
November 2017

Combimet rack cases are now available in a new super-deep 24" size for server rack type equipment. The enclosures are available in all heights from 1U to 6U. The cases are painted black RAL 9005, including the front panel. The cases can be supplied fully customized to your exact requirements.

COMBIMET 19" rack cases now available in 5U as standard
August 2017

Our best-selling COMBIMET 19" rack cases are now available in 5U sizes as standard. The cases are available in light gray or black, with or without ventilation and in two depths: 10.43" and 14.37".

TECHNOMET - Highly attractive all new instrument enclosures
April 2017

Advanced and highly attractive instrument enclosures for desktop and portable electronics. Modern and cohesive design with no visible fixing screws. Diecast front and rear bezels fit flush with the case body for a smooth appearance. Snap-on front and rear trims hide the case and front panel screws. Ventilation holes in the base and rear panel. Four PCB mounting pillars in the base. Internal chassis for slide-in PCBs. Earth points on all panels. With or without bail arm. Supplied with ABS feet. Order front panels and PCB guides separately. 

New Technofeet - Modern universal feet kits
November 2015

Technofeet is a new range of stylish and modern feet kits for enclosures. The feet can be fitted to any type of plastic or metal enclosure with a wall thickness of up to 0.12" (3 mm). The kits are available with or without a tilt leg for canting the enclosure on a desk or work surface. Each foot is fitted with a TPE anti-glide insert for stable positioning when the equipment is in use. Three standard colors a offered: light gray, anthracite and black. 

Combimet 19" Version T - Open top rack mount enclosures
April 2015

We have added open top versions to our highly popular range of Combimet 19" rack mount enclosures. These new rack cases are available in two sizes 2U x 19" x 14.37" and 2U x 19" x 14.37" and are painted in light gray, RAL 7035 or black, RAL 9005. Custom sizes and versions can be made to order.

Digital printing service for front panels and enclosures
January 2015

Our new state of the art digital printing machine can print legends, logos and complex photo quality graphics onto front panels and enclosures. We offer full color CMYK printing up to 1,800 x 1,800 dpi on painted or anodized metal surfaces (and plastics) with different textures. Digital printing saves time and money over other printing methods - there are no high setup costs and changes can be easily accommodated

Lower cost Unidesk enclosures without sealing gaskets
November 2014

You can now order our Unidesk sloping front desktop enclosures from stock without IP 54 sealing gaskets. This offers a considerable saving for applications where sealing is not required. All sizes and colors are available with this new option.

Ergonomic handle kits for 19" front panels and enclosures
August 2014

New handle kits for fitting to 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U size 19" front panels and bespoke 19" chassis or rack mount enclosures. Ergonomic design for comfortable carrying. Available in black, RAL 9005 or gray, RAL 7035, or custom colors on demand. The kits include M4 mounting screws.

Combimet 19" rack mount enclosures in 4U and 6U sizes
February 2014

Our highly popular Combimet 19" rack mount enclosures are now available in 4U and 6U sizes as standard. These new models are in addition to the existing 1U, 2U and 3U sizes. The 4U and 6U models are available in two depths, with or without ventilation slots and painted in light gray or black. Ask about your own fully customized version.

Unicase instrument enclosures in black
November 2012

Our universal Unicase instrument enclosures are now available from stock painted in black, RAL 9005 as well as the existing light gray, RAL 7035 color. The enclosures can also be supplied in special colors on demand.

Unidesk sloping front enclosures now in black
August 2012

Our ergonomic Unidesk sloping front enclosures are now available from stock in black, RAL 9005 as well as light gray, RAL 7035. These enclosures can also be supplied fully customized and painted in your own colors on request.

Black Datamet wall mount enclosures
June 2012

Datamet wall mount enclosures are now available from stock painted in black, RAL 9005 as well as gray, RAL 7035. These versatile enclosures can also be supplied fully customized and painted in customer specified colors on request.

Highly versatile 19" rack mount enclosures
November 2011

The all new Combimet 19" rack mount enclosures are highly attractive and versatile. The design features two ergonomic front panel handles. The enclosures can be supplied fully customized to exact customer requirements. Available in 1U, 2U and 3U sizes, in depths of 10.43" and 14.37", and with or without ventilation slots.

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