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Instrument Enclosures

Modern aluminum instrument enclosure

Instrument Enclosures Extensive range of instrument enclosures for desktop, wall mount, portable and 19" rack mounted
electronics equipment. Our modern instrument enclosures are manufactured in lightweight aluminum
using a combination of diecast, extruded and fabricated parts for easy assembly and attractive
aesthetic design. The enclosures include separate anodized front and rear panels for fast mounting
of the controls, displays and connectors. Typical applications include medical and wellness instruments,
test and measurement equipment, controllers and monitoring systems. Splashproof enclosures
sealed to IP54 DIN VDE 0470 Part 1, EN 60529 and IEC 529 are also included in our range. METCASE
instrument enclosures can be supplied fully customized with all the necessary modifications for fitting
the PCBs and electronic components. Fully bespoke enclosures can also be produced
from the standard case parts, or bespoke fabricated parts, on demand.

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Desktop & Portable Instrument Enclosures

View Undesk enclosures range..
Ergonomic sloping front desktop enclosures rated IP54
Sizes: 7.87" x 7.87" x 4.01 to 15.74" x 7.87" x 4.01"
View Minimet enclosures range..
Compact aluminum enclosures for desktop and portable electronics
5.27" x 5.11" x 1.51" to 6.87" x 9.44" x 2.75"
View Unimet-Plus enclosures range..
Advanced instrument enclosures with internal PCB chassis and optional bail arm/carry handle
1.96" x 9.05" x 7.59" to 5.90" x 13.77" x 10.35"
View Unimet enclosures range..
Modern instrument enclosures with optional bail arm/carry handle
1.96" x 9.05" x 7.48" to 5.90" x 13.77" x 10.23"
View Unicase enclosures range..
Universal aluminum instrument enclosures with internal PCB guide rails
1.96" x 5.11" x 7.08" to 5.29" x 18.66" x 11.81"

Wall Mount Instrument Enclosures

View Datamet wall mount enclosures range..
Stylish indoor aluminum wall enclosures. Total access during assembly
9.84" x 7.08" x 4.56" to 15.74" x 11.81" x 4.56"

19" Instrument Cases

View Instrumet 19" range..
Stylish 3U instrument cases for mounting 19" subracks, chassis & panels
3U x 10.5" x 13.78" to 3U x 19" x 17.71"

19" Rack Mount Instrument Enclosures

View Versamet 19" range..
Versatile 1U rack cases with fixed front panel
1U x 19" x 6.49" to 1U x 19" x 10.43"
View Combimet 19" range..
Universal 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U AND 6U rack cases - fixed front panel and removable top, base and rear panels
1U x 19" x 10.43" to 6U x 19" x 14.37"
View Unimet 19" range..
Stylish 2U & 3U rack cases with removable front panel
2U x 19" x 11.02" to 3U x 19" x 14.96"
View Mettec 19" range..
Modern 1U, 2U & 3U rack cases with removable front panel
2U x 19" x 11.02" to 3U x 19" x 14.96"
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